UX/UI Design

Great user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design increase user confidence.

User experience describes every aspect of a stakeholder’s interaction with your company – what you’re like to talk to and do business with. Your audience may be your customer, or your internal teams.

A big focus today is the online user experience and, as a UX agency, we work with each client based on their individual objectives and priorities.

Digital transformation projects require highly focused and extensive UX/UI phases to ensure each and every audience – internal and external – is fully mapped out. Each and every online process and functionality must also be fully understood and scoped to ensure a smooth and effective transformation.

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Discovery workshop

The Discovery Phase is the first step in the UX/UI journey. It’s where we get to know you, your business goals, your market, your challenges and ambitions. We’ll explore your audiences, your products and services and how we will meet customer needs.

We’ll also review your competitors and how they do business, along with the emerging trends for your market sector.

The Discovery stage is also about planning the various phases of the project, building in collaboration and approval time.

UX audit and workshop

Undertaking a detailed audit of your current user experience to identify what works and what could be better, helps to identify how we can take the online experience to the next level. This process goes hand in hand with objective-setting in the Discovery Phase.

We’re all about collaboration, so our ideas, suggestions and recommendations will be presented to you in a workshop where we can take things forward together.

Project sprints

In our experience the most effective and efficient way to work is by phasing activity in a series of sprints.

Designing and building prototypes to fully test every theory is a good and cost- effective way of evolving the project before the expensive build phase. The learnings are then fed back in to the next ‘sprint’ where the prototype is evolved and tested again.

We have a great track record of developing innovative and creative products, websites, applications and services with this approach.