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The Teach series of websites is a solution based on digital transformation, responding to the challenge of recruiting high quality teaching staff to primary and secondary schools.

The series began with Teach Peterborough, a one-stop online end to end website solution. It sells Peterborough as the whole package for teachers and high-quality teaching graduates – the perfect city to train, teach, lead and live in.

Improving the recruitment process makes it more efficient and a better experience for everyone.
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Our Solution

We consulted with multiple stakeholders; city headteachers, principals and other key stakeholders at the local authority to devise the Teach Peterborough brand.

We developed user flows and made recommendations on how to improve the process for recruiter and candidate alike. Built in WordPress, the website had to be both visually engaging to sell Peterborough as a place to live, as well as being technically robust.

We included lots of features and facts about the City and hosted job advertising from schools across the region. Jobs are presented in a customisable search to make it easy for users to find appropriate roles. The application process was developed to be as slick and quick as possible to encourage users to complete it.

Our integrated launch campaign drove awareness of the site to teaching graduates and local schools. A series of videos and a motion graphic showcased Peterborough and education in the city.


The initial Teach Peterborough site was so successful that it inspired replica sites for other regions, including Teach in Cambs and Teach Bedford.

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Closing Quotes

The recruitment of teachers in Peterborough has long been a problem and we are already seeing the positive impact this is having with lots of traffic to the website and vacancies being filled.

Jonathan Lewis

Service Director for Education, Resources and Corporate Property