The rapid pace of change in the energy sector has given rise to a new generation of energy companies – and they recognise the importance of clear and compelling brand marketing.

We’ve enjoyed our immersion into this new sector of the market, where digital technology is creating new opportunities to improve the management, supply and pricing of energy in the UK and worldwide.

Branding and marketing services

The intricacies of today’s energy sector mean that new businesses need careful positioning and clear communication strategies.

We work with energy companies at every stage of their brand journey, from developing initial brand concepts and positioning to designing and building company websites, through to customer and partner communications and marketing campaigns. We then shape the ever-evolving offer as the company progresses forward.

Clear communications

In a complex industry sector, clarity and simplicity are key. We work closely with every client to distil their key messages so that they communicate clearly. We identify distinct audiences and how best to reach them. By understanding exactly who we need to address, and what they need to understand, we design tailored, compelling content that works.

From explaining customer billing processes to categorising the options for energy grants, we get the message across clearly and concisely, in the right format for everyone.

Pozitive App

Developing energy company websites

The energy sector is highly focused on new technology and intangible assets. Energy web design is therefore a specialised process where functionality is primary. Our web experts have proven skills in creating unique sites from scratch, embedding APIs and other tailor-made tools without compromising on user experience or SEO. Clean code, structural integrity and Google indexing are guaranteed.

Scaling up

Working with startups is always exciting because of the fast pace of change. Our work with energy companies has seen us create initial brand concepts, evolve them as the company expands and introduce new products to fit within the overarching brand umbrella. We’ve also launched sister companies and sub-brands as our clients move to take advantage of new relationships and opportunities.