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How Are You Peterborough is a health initiative driven by a partnership of NHS, charity and public sector organisations to help transform mental health services.

Peterborough was chosen as one of 12 national community mental health pilot sites, with the aim to improve access to joined-up support spanning physical health, mental health and social care.

Speed won a website development pitch to develop resources for both healthcare practitioners and consumers.
Website mock up HAY Peterborough

Our Solution

The first step was to fully explore the project’s requirements with a multi-stakeholder workshop, involving the audiences to help us understand their specific needs and the information that each one would need to access.

As part of the project we designed and built a WordPress website. We combined multilingual resources, clear and navigable links to a wide variety of groups and tools with good user experience (UX). Careful categorisation of the information and distinct sign-posting was essential in helping people find the information they need. We also designed and built a technically complex map with two viewing options to maximise UX.

We created a friendly and welcoming website, introducing many options to help people take ownership of their wellbeing. An easy-to-navigate menu brings together classes and groups, sports, art and music opportunities as well as outdoor activities and volunteering.


The approach has been so successful that further HAY organisations have requested versions of the same website for their regions. Speed is now working to create a full series of sites, with easy, user-friendly access for each team to update the information and keep it current.

HAY Peterborough website mock up