Animation, Video and Photography

Art directing, photography and video shoots, storyboarding animations – all of this comes naturally to us.

We’ve grown our creative capabilities in this area organically, starting with commercial photography as part of our print production service. We began video production work soon after as we recognised the power of video as a sales and engagement tool. Bringing our creative expertise to this field was a natural extension of our capabilities.

We then pioneered animation for our clients as a way of conveying complex information in a simple way, delivering more engaging online experiences.

We’ve continued to hone our skills and tools ever since. Today we offer a complete blend of services to meet each client’s specific needs.

On location shoots

We regularly organise and direct photoshoots at client locations to meet every kind of brief. Typical projects include corporate headshots, product photography, site and equipment shots, plus more emotive website-led work to attract new employees, profile a company’s culture or celebrate an event.

As a creative agency we are ideally placed to make sure all photography is briefed and captured perfectly to showcase the subject matter.


Video is an essential tool for businesses in any sector. and video production has been part of our creative portfolio for many years. We support one-off projects and embrace video as part of the full marketing mix for our clients. Delivering successful corporate, promotional, explainer or animated videos is what we love to do.

We deliver careful direction at each stage from storyboarding and scripting through to direction, editing, voiceover and post-production.


Short videos for social marketing

The rise of Instagram and Facebook stories as well as IGTV make it more important than ever to embrace short videos as a customer engagement tool.

We deliver concise and compelling video and animation content as part of our social media services to a wide range of clients, tailored for all the leading platforms.

3D animation

We love 3D animation. What better way to give your customers the chance to experience a pseudo-real vision of your plans? We use 3D animation to help bring architectural plans to life, to explain all kinds of products, systems and processes and create compelling consumer-led content that really stands out.

Speed delivers cutting edge, proven video solutions that get results – a creative and tech agency for all your video needs.

Animated videos

Animation completely opens up the field of video production, making almost anything possible. It enables us to bring all kinds of creative ideas to life, creating characters, simplifying complex ideas and making the intangible real.

Our animation services range from seconds-long graphical animations for websites through to engaging social videos and longer explanatory animations with voiceover. We have an enviable track record for creating animations that deliver.