Our work in the education sector has driven big improvements to schools’ reputations and their overall performance.

With over 10 years’ experience in the education sector, we have built up understanding and expertise in supporting academy trusts and individual schools.

Brand strategy is central to our approach with schools that require a new identity and image. We’ve also established a reputation for creating some of the best educational institution websites around.

Recruitment in this sector can be challenging, and we have designed and implemented successful recruitment campaigns to attract teachers from around the UK to take regional roles.

Working with multiple stakeholders

Schools and educational settings have a complex matrix of interested stakeholders, so any brand strategy needs to explore and meet each group’s needs and priorities. Our brand workshops focus in turn on students, teachers, governors, parents, the local authority and the wider community to assess their specific views and requirements.

These sessions are essential in the development of new branding, which is often the key to turning around a school’s fortunes.

Rebranding is a detailed and iterative process, where we explore many avenues to create the right identity for a school. Historical and geographical influences often form the roots of inspiration, alongside the vision and values of the individual school.

School website design

Once a branding strategy has been devised, the ‘personality’ of the school must be reflected in every channel of communication. Clearly the school website is a central focus and we have created many school websites in recent years.

School websites need to convey a large amount of information in a clear and easily navigable way. They need an appropriate blend of gravitas and credibility, while presenting a youthful outlook and varied curriculum.

Appealing to parents and pupils alike has its challenges. Achieving this relies on solid user experience and user interface (UX/UI) skills, combined with succinct copywriting with a consistent tone.

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School marketing

Schools can have a broad range of objectives behind their marketing strategies. Reputation management is often a priority, along with recruitment, increasing admissions and attracting support or investment.

As with any marketing strategy we work closely with schools to fully understand their unique challenges and opportunities, so that we can design a realistic and achievable marketing approach.

Our creativity, knowledge of the education sector and brand expertise has delivered excellent results for our school clients.

Digital transformation of teacher recruitment

Attracting and retaining top teaching talent is fundamental to most school strategies. Yet schools can suffer when their town or city isn’t seen as an appealing place to relocate to. Speed has played an intrinsic role in addressing this, creating long-term campaigns to change how people view certain parts of the UK.

We architected and built an online portal to digitally transform the recruitment process for the both education recruiter and candidate, making it more efficient. This ground-breaking portal attracted attention from other regions, resulting in the creation and development of further versions for other UK locations.