Recruitment agencies and, increasingly, in-house teams recognise the value of technology and branding for successful people strategies.

The recruitment sector has been one of Speed’s areas of expertise for many years. We have in-depth knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in recruitment today.

We address them through a full range of creative and tech services, from branding and recruitment website design to thought leadership and social media marketing campaigns.

Digital transformation improves both the in house management of the application process and the candidate experience. Our expertise delivers big efficiencies, enhances brand perception and drives audience engagement.

Recruitment sector insight

The global search for top talent is extremely competitive and among our clients are search consultancies that specialise in finding the perfect person for a vacancy. Their success depends heavily on attracting both corporate clients and exceptional candidates.

These agencies need to establish and maintain highly credible reputations. A clear brand strategy and targeted marketing activity is essential for these clients – and we have a great track record in achieving their goals.

Designing and building websites

As recruitment website developers we’re highly experienced in creating sites that perfectly represent the client brand, deliver exceptional user experience and seamlessly integrate job search APIs.

User flow modelling is a vital part of the process to ensure smooth job applications, as is content development to boost SEO performance and drive interactions on social media. By applying this approach we’re confident that we’ve created some of the UK’s best recruitment agency websites, digitally transforming user experiences.


Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The development of an EVP is an essential step for any organisation that wants an engaged, motivated workforce. By making clear statements about what your business stands for and what its employees gain by working there, you’ll greatly improve the quality of both your recruitment activity and the level of employee retention.

We work with organisations, big and small, to clarify their employee offering, create a long-term strategy around the EVP, and crucially, ensure that the organisation lives and breathes the statements it’s making.

Deliverables include internal branding wall installations and engagement campaigns with unique tactics tailored to that business.

Dedicated recruitment campaigns

Rapid expansion or relocation can mean a company needs to quickly attract new staff, and we’ve excelled in achieving ambitious recruitment targets.

The key is to have an intrinsic understanding of the employee profile required, so that marketing campaigns can be carefully targeted. Creativity, innovation and asking the right questions are all factors that influence the overall success of a recruitment campaign.

Audience segmentation is also key, to find new and cost-effective ways of engaging people – whether it’s through a promotion on Spotify or a well-pitched social media video.