Web support & hosting services

Web support services

Website, software and app development is never a single-step process and all sites need ongoing maintenance and support. Speed’s support services take away all the hassle, cost-effectively. Our website clients entrust us with all the support activity required, from hosting to content updates and blogs, system and security updates for your chosen content management system, to search engine optimisation.

We’ll develop the right support package for your site, your budget and your business.

Support packages are based on a number of hours per month and are tailored to your needs. They can include any related tasks, from content upload to building new functionality, the design and build of campaign landing pages or uploading new imagery.

Cloud hosting & maintenance services for start-ups and small businesses

Start-ups and small businesses love the hassle-free service that Speed delivers for them. We’ve launched hundreds of new sites for small businesses that give them a real bang for their buck.

Creating and maintaining a great looking website doesn’t have to be expensive, and we know that small business owners have plenty of plates to keep spinning without worrying about their website.

Our cloud-based sites give you the opportunity to own and update the content – or hand maintenance over to us entirely to keep things fresh and functional.

Cloud hosting & maintenance services for corporates

Speed has delivered many corporate websites that look great and deliver fantastic user experience. Our cloud-hosted sites give you the freedom to share access among your content owners while meeting the security and compliance needs that your internal stakeholders will be looking for.

We pride ourselves on delivering fast and affordable maintenance and support services. Our corporate clients know we’re here when we need them, and our in-depth knowledge and experience means we can tweak, evolve and upgrade as often as necessary.

Cloud hosting & maintenance services for enterprise sites

Enterprise sites tend to evolve over time, which leads their infrastructure to become more complex. Inevitably, the task of managing it becomes more challenging too. We select appropriate enterprise hosting solutions and partner with your IT team to design the right approach to meet your business challenges. Plus, we’ll free up your staff from the task of maintenance.

Our enterprise site clients trust us with all aspects of cloud-based hosting, maintenance and support, and our expertise ensures that business performance is never impacted by maintenance or service issues.

Powerful hosting

You can rely on Speed for outstanding performance, exceptional load times and robust security for a better user experience.

Our hosting packages include monthly health checks to ensure site security and plugins are updated (where applicable), as well as;

  • Uptime monitoring
  • Daily backups
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Performing daily backups of website and data in a data centre within the EU.

Speed will make Services available 99.95% of the time, excluding any “Excused Downtime” for scheduled or emergency maintenance.