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The Cromwell Museum was seeking to redesign its website, giving it a more modern and up-to-date feel and improving user navigation.

The website’s main objectives are to promote the museum’s events; encourage visits from school children by engaging their teachers and parents, and to provide educational materials to people at any educational level.
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Our Solution

Speed worked with the client to design and build a website that projects a modern take on Oliver Cromwell and the Tudor era, bringing the museum to life and inspiring potential visitors.

The main challenge was determining the best way to present large quantities of information in a concise and structured way. So the focus was on user experience.

By dividing the learning section of the website, built in WordPress, by educational level and providing relevant resources for each section, the usability was improved tenfold. The content includes PDFs, videos and text-based information.


The website now gains 3,000 page views per month, partly driven by a monthly newsletter designed and issued by Speed. More than 100 people have now signed up for the communication.

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Closing Quotes

We had an established relationship with Speed, who had designed our new website for 2019, putting together a high quality, attractive and user friendly site that has considerable traffic since then. It was natural that we would turn to them to develop our online shop last year, and they were able to match the commercial site so that it seamlessly fitted into the look and branding of the main website. Working closely with us Speed were able to use our existing retail software to create the back office, make it usable for us and our order fulfilment company, and have been on hand ever since to provide prompt assistance to correct any issues or help with updates. They are a pleasure to work with!

Stuart Orme

Musuem Curator