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An important part Coloplast’s remit is to educate and support people who have stomas, plus their carers. Our client was seeking ways to support care home workers with educational information to spot the early signs of stoma issues.

As carers are not medically trained it can be hard for them to recognise issues and have the confidence to deal with them. Many simple problems could be quickly and easily remedied if they knew how.
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Our Solution

We advised that an app would be the best way to deliver content, as carers have limited access to desktop devices but can access apps via their phones.

As usual, we started with user stories, developing content and building user journeys. We designed a custom built, informative and easy to use app. Central to its structure was a clear, well-defined informational hierarchy with supporting images and access to further information.

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By helping carers treat patients, we built their trust in the Coloplast brand.