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Cambridge Carbon Footprint is a charity supporting people in the move to low carbon living. It approached Speed for help in consolidating its three websites into a single, high-impact site.

The client needed the site to be easily found via search engines, inspiring and professional-looking. It also needed to provide key functions – such as booking a CO2 monitor for your home, processing donations and presenting a carbon footprint calculator.
Cambridge Carbon foot print mock up website

Our Solutions

We worked with the client to gather a detailed specification whilst simplifying a complex offering. Vibrant creative options including several variations for the sub-sites were developed to showcase the messaging and tools.
The main website was built using Elementor. As an established platform, this proved to be a cost-effective solution whilst providing the flexibility to integrate some of the client’s unique specifications. The more complex carbon footprint calculator and a ‘sign the charter’ module were both bespoke builds, which integrated into the overall website seamlessly.

Cambridge carbon footprint mock up website


Following an extensive testing process the website was successfully launched on time. By adopting a simple to use Content Management System, our client now updates the website in-house.

Cambridge carbon footprint mock up website
Closing Quotes

The brand-new Cambridge Carbon Footprint website was built from the ground up with content from our Open Eco Homes and Circular Cambridge project websites, to create one online hub for our resources. Combined with the launch of the Cambridge Climate Change Charter carbon footprint calculator and advice hub, the website has completely refreshed our online appearance.