NWA NHS Hospital Trust was experiencing recruitment challenges. Lack of medical specialism meant it was overlooked as an employer of choice – but for many reasons it’s a great place to work.
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Our Solution

We delved in to get discover the overlooked benefits of working at the hospital, developing a campaign proposition to communicate the reasons it was a good career choice. Career development and training programmes, coupled with flexible working hours were summed up in the striking proposition “a career without compromise”.

The creative brought this concept to life by showing various hospital staff in their medical uniforms and their hobby kits. This bold and engaging theme was carried across career fair merchandise, online advertising and print material. Photography and case study videos were par for the course with this project.


The campaign worked well and brought in new candidates of a better quality.

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Closing Quotes

The team at Speed steered us smoothly through unchartered waters for our firstever recruitment advertising campaign. Despite the market being flooded with NHS Trusts all seeking additional staff, the team quickly found us a unique angle to help ‘sell’ our fantastic hospital and location to potential new recruits. Using our own staff in images and videos we delivered an honest and personal campaign that celebrates pride in our Trust and the NHS as a whole.

Mandy Ward

Associate Director of Communications and Engagement