IZ Energy logo
As a recent startup business, IZ Energy contacted us looking for help to build on their existing brand. Commissioned to design and build a new website, we created a new colour palette and graphical art direction to give them a fresh brand personality.
IZ Energy creatives

Our Solution

The brand image needed to have more impact and sophistication. It needed to work on an international level and portray a more professional image overall.

We designed and built a website to showcase new brand elements, restructuring the content hierarchy for a better user experience. We also created an FAQ section and Contact Form, as well as creating a standout brand graphic to explain the benefits of IZ Energy’s products and services.

IZ Energy creatives website mock up


The website not only looks great and highly engaging, it also articulates the services on offer and allows for a smooth transition for the customer. The contact form is easy to use, and the FAQs section gives the user all the information they need.

IZ Energy creatives