Cummins is a global brand famous for its generator technologies. It was founded in 1904 and established the Newage brand which became well known for quality engineering. A change in 2006 renamed the company from NEWAGE-AvK to Cummins Generator Technologies.

In 2020 Cummins wanted to reintroduce the Newage brand and capitalise on its legacy, applying it as the brand for a range of alternators.
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Our Solution

Working in collaboration with the client, we created a brand proposition, a brand narrative and key benefit driven messages so that all members of the Cummins team and potential customers understood the heritage and values of the Newage brand. It was also key that we created a clear brand architecture to show how it fitted in with the existing product range.

The key theme of the brand narrative is ‘a legacy of certainty, regenerated for today.’ which allowed us to tell the historical chapter and sell in the need for it today.

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