Pozitive Planet logo
Injecting energy into an innovative business idea

We’ve been working with Pozitive Energy for a few years now, having originally helped them establish an innovative business energy brand. Their vision was to use the latest technology to make energy simple for business customers.
Pozitive Planet website mock ups

The Brief

Pozitive needed a brand proposition and brand narrative to tell its story in a competitive marketplace. We created these important elements and crafted key messages to articulate the benefits of doing business with them. Their USP was the key: Pozitive successfully blends sustainability and technology. That was the inspiration for our creative direction. We created dynamic, animated designs to reflect Pozitive’s ground-breaking approach.
Pozitive Planet website mockups

The Result

We built a WordPress website to showcase Pozitive’s products and services. We also storyboarded, designed and built an animated video to explain their offer in an easy-to-understand way.

Now, Pozitive has unveiled a website that brings all these services together: Pozitive Planet – designed and hosted by the team at Speed. It’s great to see a client grow and flourish, especially when we can play a part in their journey.

Pozitive Planet website mock ups