Marketing Trends In Finance 2022

April 6, 2022

The marketing efforts of any financial organisations have always focused on two goals: to raise brand awareness and engage customers in their financial services. We have many financial services marketing clients that seek our support in achieving these goals.   

The finance sector is one of the most fast-moving industries we specialise in. Here are some of the key trends of the moment…

Consistent customer experience

Financial services marketing is more complex than ever. Customers can interact with your brand via many channels – your website, in person, via an app, with your email communications, printed collateral and advertising.

Keeping your brand messages, tone and visual identity the same across all channels is challenging, but it’s crucial in reassuring your customer of your reliability and trustworthiness.

Acting responsibly

The tide is turning on sustainability and companies big and small need to demonstrate that they have an ethical approach to business. 77% of consumers are now more motivated to buy from a company that has a clear Corporate Social Responsibility pledge.

In addition, new sustainable finance rules are coming in from regulators. All financial organisations need to make sure that they have clear policies around investments, carbon reduction, environmental impact and community involvement.

Security and fraud support

Security breaches, hacking and ransomware are very real threats to financial services brands. Not only must you invest in defences against these risks, but you must also reassure customers that their data is safe.

Similarly, customers need constant education and reminders of the risk of fraud, as scammers develop ever-more convincing ways to target people.  The way you handle customers who have been exposed to fraud is also challenging. A perceived lack of support could have serious impact on your reputation.

The financial sector is ever changing – which is one of the reasons that the marketing of financial services is such a fascinating part of the work we do.