Impact Of Technology On The Healthcare Sector

April 6, 2023

It’s fascinating to be a part of a big shift within an industry, and as an established healthcare tech and creative agency we have been involved in many innovations for medical and health-focused brands. The ever-growing complexity of treatments and an ageing population is constantly driving demand for health services. The industry is having to find effective new ways to rise to the challenge – so what are the key trends?

Healthcare is a huge industry and growing globally every day. There are three core area where technology is shaping the sector:

Better quality care and efficiency

Health technology makes things easier for both patients and practitioners. Self-service technology is available for most GPs and other providers today, allowing patients to book appointments, check in on arrival and updated their personal details. This saves significant time for both staff and patients and allows staff to focus on more complex work. 

The NHS app was launched in December 2018 and is an ambitious innovation. It now has over 22 million users who can access health advice, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions and prove their Covid-19 vaccination status.

Treatment innovations

Data and technology is integral in delivering ground-breaking innovations. The speed of data analytics and the use of AI in identifying patterns and trends is vastly enhancing the understanding of health conditions.

Technology is developing incredible new ideas – such as personalised 3D models of the heart to improve operation success, development of robotic prosthetics and programming AI to read every medical journal ever published.

Access to information

Digital communication can bridge the gap between consumers and clinicians via websites and health apps. More than 75% of the UK population now seek health information online.