Four Ways To Generate More Leads On Your Website

August 12, 2022

85% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their most important content marketing goal[1].  Is your website working hard enough to get you new customers?

Here are four ways to step up your lead generation…

1. Move your Call to Action

The placement of your CTA has a big impact on conversion rates.

Eye-tracking studies find that people on a webpage start by looking in the upper left-hand corner of the page, and move their eyes in an F-shaped pattern as shown below:

Source: Nielsen Norman Group

That’s why good websites have their logo on the top left of the page and the CTA on the top right. It maps with natural eye flow so that the most important things are most prominent to the user.

If your call to action, whether it’s ‘Contact Us’, ‘Buy now’, ‘Sign up’ or something else, make sure it’s on the top right of your page.

2. Keep it simple

Don’t attempt to explain everything about your company, solution or product on your home page. Human attention spans are very short and lots of text is overwhelming.

Keep your landing pages simple and clear.

Our website design for Energetik is a good example: clean, clear, with a single message on the home page:

3. Blog often

If you don’t have a business blog or aren’t regularly updating it, you’re missing out on traffic and new leads.

Every time you write a post is written, your page is indexed by search engines, moving it up the rankings and reaching more people. Plus, share the latest posts on your social channels to drive people to your site.

4. Shout about your success

Add testimonials and case studies to your website to showcase satisfied customers. Short, snappy quotes from happy clients will quickly build trust. Longer case studies give real-life examples of how you work and what customers can expect – all helping to persuade them to choose you.

Every business has their own specific lead generation needs – so if this is an area you want to improve, get in touch. We have lots of lead generating tricks up our sleeve!