The Peterborough School is a high performing independent school that takes a unique, personalised approach to its students’ education. The school wanted to raise its profile locally and boost admission applications.

Our Solution

We spent time exploring the brief from the client to understand what sets the school apart from other independent settings in the region. Among its key strengths are small class sizes and how the team tailors educational plans to each individual student.

This led to the strapline ‘Freedom to Thrive’ which was applied as the creative for a 48-sheet display ad in Peterborough City Centre. It was also the theme for a series of social media posts.
Peterborough School Billboard: Branding, Campaigns, design and print Case study


Admission applications increased as a result of the campaign and have stayed high. The campaign led on to more creative work with the Peterborough School including a focus on brand strategy.

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