Why Speed Agency Loves WordPress

April 6, 2022

Launched in 2003, WordPress is one of the world’s most used content management systems (CMS) powering 32.5% of ALL websites. It’s a firm favourite with Speed for website development and design. Find out why WordPress is our go-to choice for website design, user experience (UX), SEO and bespoke development.

Although WordPress is not suited to every single web design project, this Content Management System (CMS) is great for professional web designers and users alike. Here’s why…

Custom pages

WordPress is an open-source CMS, which means it’s frequently updated by developers. WordPress receives thousands of updates and plugins through customisable coding – so the possibilities are endless. That saves our developers time, as we don’t need to deliver bespoke coding from scratch. It also means we can meet the needs of many different clients and their customers.

Most clients want a website that’s unique and different from their competitors. Here at Speed we’re brilliant at both bespoke coding and customising off-the-shelf solutions. Our knowledge of WordPress together with skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP allows us to tweak and extend pages to really push the boundaries.

That way, we can vary web structure layout and personalisation to meet and exceed every client’s expectations.

Fast Timeframes

Many clients want their websites up and running super quick. Building a website from scratch requires heavy planning from website design, deciding on content, navigation, menu layout, images, and much more. That’s time-consuming, so costs can quickly stack up.

WordPress resolves those challenges and allows us to create a great-looking site quickly and cost-effectively.


WordPress allows fantastic reliability and management from an easy-to-use back-end.  It gives clients amazing control so they can make changes in-house.

WordPress has a simple layout, and once your site it built it’s very easy to add or edit content. You can add pages that look great without needing to get your agency to help.


WordPress is search engine friendly. It offers built in optimisation tools and third-party plugins like Yoast to help you optimise your content, including page titles, descriptions and keywords.

When developing a client’s website, we make it as SEO friendly as possible to make it easy for your target audience to find you.

Our WordPress successes

  • Vivacity – The Great War Peterborough

We used WordPress to create a website for Vivacity, the cultural service in Peterborough, bringing to life the city’s role in World War I. Thousands of soldiers, signed a guestbook as they passed through Peterborough en-route to the front line. Our role was to create digital version of the guestbook showcasing the servicemen’s entries page by page.

The content of the book was digitised by a group of volunteers. We used JavaScript to create a page-turning function. HTML and technical bespoke coding created a virtual book with clickable areas on each page.

Our client loved the site and it attracted national attention as part of World War I centenary celebrations.

  • Teach Peterborough

Our client needed a website that promoted Peterborough to teachers as a great place to live and develop their careers. Using WordPress, Speed created a digitally designed website that centred on recruitment.

Speed’s in-depth knowledge of WordPress meant that we were able to make Teach Peterborough a very user friendly website, that enables potential applicants to find the placement they wanted, quickly and easily. Applying for a jobs is generally a long and complicated process, but we made it easier. With Teach Peterborough candidates fill in a form once then submit their details to multiple vacancies.

The website acts as a portal which brings everything teachers need together in one place. It successfully drew more teachers into the area. Teach Peterborough also won regional campaign of the year at the CIPR awards.