The Truth About Authentic Branding: Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

September 14, 2023

In a world where the fear of judgment and rejection lurks in the back of our minds, "authenticity" has become a buzzword in the digital space and a powerful driving force behind successful branding. As the popular saying goes, "your vibe attracts your tribe," suggesting that being true to yourself can lead to meaningful connections with like-minded individuals. The ultimate aim of any brand strategy is to humanise the business, but what exactly does that entail? In this article, we will explore the misconceptions surrounding authenticity and uncover approaches that corporate businesses can adopt to create a stronger connection with consumers and aspire to a greater missions

The illusion of perfection

The pursuit of perfection is a never-ending and exhausting journey. It’s a totally subjective concept which sees many corporate brands chasing trends and consumer preferences to keep up with the shifting landscape. This is where we see that the pressure to maintain an ideal image becomes a liability rather than an asset.

Consumers no longer buy into the notion of perfection and are subconsciously waiting for the opportunity to debunk the illusion. A lack of consistency and care in execution ultimately creates a lack of trust with the consumer.

If trust is not established through a transparent mission, consumers will inevitability question the brand’s claims and seek companies that offer a genuine commitment to providing the best possible customer experience.

Do you know how to measure how your consumers are experiencing your brand and are you able to identify areas for improvement?

Aligning your mission with greater impact

As we’ve discussed, an authentic brand transcends monetary exchange. Instead, a brand’s mission should encompass a more profound impact, inviting consumers to embark on a meaningful journey rather than just reaching a destination.

This shift in corporate mindset requires introspection and reconnecting with the true objectives the brand aims to achieve. Ultimately, it’s about reconnecting with the core purpose of the brand’s existence. An authentic brand mission serves as a guiding compass, offering direction, focus, and unity.

When a brand remains steadfast to its mission, it fosters a genuine connection with its audience, inviting them to actively participate in the brand’s larger purpose. In essence, a well-defined and purposeful brand mission forms the bedrock of authenticity and for companies to stay true to their mission, this strengthens the bond with its audience by cultivating a lasting sense of meaning and loyalty.

Do you have the tools in place to reevaluate your mission to connect with a impactful journey rather than a consumers destination?

Connecting through shared values

Our spending habits say a lot about who we are, whether it’s choosing free-range eggs at the supermarket, splurging on an all-inclusive holiday to Ibiza, or investing in a pair of vintage Dr. Martens. Money isn’t just a means of exchange; it’s a way to express ourselves. When we decide where to spend our money, we seek more than just a product or service – we look for a deeper meaning and a sense of identity, with the ultimate desire to connect to a community that supports those values.

As brands strive for authenticity, marketing has experienced a significant shift with the emergence of personal brands. These individuals fearlessly share their lives, vulnerabilities, and passions, gaining devoted followings along the way. Corporate brands can take valuable cues from their approach.

By showcasing their true selves, companies can nurture intimacy and relatability with their audiences, placing community-building above mere product promotion. This entails being open about their values, beliefs, and even imperfections, allowing for a deeper connection with their customers, who can relate to and resonate with genuine human experiences.

Are your company values aligned with your customers values and how does your team, from top management to front-line employees embody these values?

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