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Linwood Crops is a reputable UK potato wholesaler that was seeking to develop and launch its own potato brand, specifically targeting the hospitality industry. Working with chefs, Linwood Crops identified the perfect potato varieties for key culinary purposes: chipping, roasting, baking etc.

The client asked us to create a suitable brand and packaging that was colour coded for total clarity and ease of purchase in a fast-paced market.
Linwood product mock up

Our Solution

In close collaboration with the client we created a range of clear and high impact brand options for the Chef’s Taste range.
A key strategic focus was to use bold colours for each product type: blue for roasting potatoes, red for mashing and boiling, yellow for chips and green for multi-purpose. We made use of the latest printing technology to produce these bold colours on a range of packaging types.
By displaying each logo mocked up on the packaging, the client could clearly envisage the end product, making the brand selection process much simpler.

Linwood logo


Within just one month the packaging had been produced and was being rolling out to customers. We supported the launch with a creative social media campaign, bringing the Chef’s Taste brand to life with mouthwatering images that really engaged the customer.

As hospitality venues reopened as pandemic restrictions eased, the brand enjoyed a big surge in sales and repeat orders.

Linwood creatives