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Kidney Research is a national charity dedicated to funding research into new treatments and cures for kidney disease.

Speed reached out to the charity to offer our creative and design services and we were rewarded with a project – a campaign to raise awareness of some key risk factors for kidney disease and how to identify the warning signs.
Kidney research UK creative mock ups

Our Solution

Education, awareness and provoking engagement was the campaign remit. It was important to understand the channels to market and develop a campaign that was going to work in GP waiting rooms, across social channels, and in printed materials.

We developed an impactful creative campaign proposition and a creative concept to grab peoples’ attention – simple, fun and highly effective.

Joined up, integrated communications and campaign assets were crucial for the campaign to gather momentum. We plotted the users journey from off line to online to ensure all channel materials were consistent.

Booklet creatives


Over a two-month period, the campaign saw a whopping 28,000 people take the online health check. With over 3,000 people asking for the ‘Get kidney fit’ booklet and submitting their postal address with over 3,000 email opt-ins. The best bit was that only 2% of them were already known to the client: the majority of contacts were brand new.

creative booklet flyers
Closing Quotes

We have had fantastic feedback on the creative. Thank you so much to your team for this. We now have a plan on how we roll out this campaign further across the country in primary care settings.

Yvette Bell

Marketing Officer