Just like people, a brand can benefit from refreshment and reinvigoration.

A brand that needs developing mean there is a story to tell. Where does the story begin? Where are you taking your customers and prospects? What does your company stand for?

We aim to create an identity that resonates with the clients and develop something that reinforces the emotional relationship that is the heart of a successful brand. Our work with a varied range of clients sees us developing new brands for new products and services from corporates to start-ups.

A strong brand is invaluable to your business and it’s crucial to spend time investing in researching, defining, and building your brand since every touchpoint is an opportunity where customers can engage with your brand.

Branding is a process that provides clarity on the one hand and puts space between you and the competition on the other.


That process starts with asking questions about people’s motivations and experiences. Your product or service – what is it, what does it do, where is it going and who with? Research and marketplace analysis lead to precise positioning and concept creation based on a robust offer to the customer.

The process gets exciting when you’ve chosen the concepts and seen them refined. Now, you have the answers to the questions you started with. You can sense the experience your customer will have. You have the means to deliver what it is they want from your product or service. Followed by the important opportunity to measure and review.

To discuss your branding projects today, please give us a call on 01832 280032 or go to our contact us page.


BGL GroupHelping a national brand tell its story
Ashcourt RowanDeveloping an identity to fit the brand
Holloway FriendlyBreathing new life into an established financial brand
Work in PeterboroughCreating a digital portal to attract the best talent to Peterborough
LoyaltybookBringing a tech start up to market
Ouse WashesBuilding a website for a great day out
Vivacity - The Great War PeterboroughBringing the past to life using the latest technology
The WIL GroupCreating a sophisticated brand
ColoplastUnifying a brand

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