Team Speedsters

The Speed team are a close-knit group where we all recognise and play to our individual strengths. We’re fascinated by technology and how we can put it work – and pretty much everyone here is a problem solver, a creative thinker and a doer.  We work hard every single day to delight our clients.

The nature of our business means we need people with a wide range of skills and experience: from system architects and creative designers, strategists to developers and project managers. 

Understanding what everyone brings to the table and how they like to work is our secret formula in excelling on every project. We have a positive, collaborative and imaginative culture where everyone’s valued and respected.

Our Values

Jo Thacker

Managing Director

David Dews

CEO, Creative Director

Andy Prior

Senior Web Account Manager


Chris Dobson

Agile Product and Programme Manager


Lucy Peacock

Web Account and Project Manager


Adrian Clark

Senior Account Manager


Tracey Williams

Design Account Director

Aimee Smith

Design Project Manager

Evie Riseley

Design Account Manager

Andrew Wood

Motion Graphics Designer


Christopher Milner

Senior Creative


Becky Goodchild



Tyler Houston



Aron Mitchell



Cory Mosey

Technical Director

Tom Rouse

Software Architect


Mason Day

Senior Developer


Nammie Narayan

Junior Web Developer


Harry Tate

Client Side Developer

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