Addison Lee

Addison lee
Addison Lee were relocating their back office from London to Peterborough, and needed a recruitment campaign to fill new posts.

With challenging timescales, we got to work speedily to develop an integrated campaign that delivered on their business needs.
Addison lee Creatives website

Our Solution

Creating a standout design to resonate with 18 – 25 year olds we went bold with the Addison Lee yellow brand colour. The campaign came together under the proposition “your journey starts here” – a nod to the client’s line of work as well as the career opportunities being promoted.

We then applied our design, building an integrated campaign with tactics for Facebook and Spotify ads, 48 sheet posters, plus a dedicated microsite for applicants to register their interest and upload CVs.

A series of testimonial videos helped bring the Addison Lee corporate culture to life, with bespoke props articulating the campaign messages in a vibrant way.

This was a truly integrated campaign which spanned multiple channels, getting the message to the right audience at the right time to create awareness and engagement.


The campaign generated 225 pre-registrations for the available roles in record time. What’s more, the quality of the applicants was excellent. Having spent time designing “killer questions” to help the candidates discern if the roles were for them, we were all pleased with the result.


North West Anglia NHS Hospital Trust

NWA NHS Hospital Trust was experiencing recruitment challenges. Lack of medical specialism meant it was overlooked as an employer of choice – but for many reasons it’s a great place to work.
NHS Creatives

Our Solution

We delved in to get discover the overlooked benefits of working at the hospital, developing a campaign proposition to communicate the reasons it was a good career choice. Career development and training programmes, coupled with flexible working hours were summed up in the striking proposition “a career without compromise”.

The creative brought this concept to life by showing various hospital staff in their medical uniforms and their hobby kits. This bold and engaging theme was carried across career fair merchandise, online advertising and print material. Photography and case study videos were par for the course with this project.


The campaign worked well and brought in new candidates of a better quality.

NHS Banner stands creatives
Closing Quotes

The team at Speed steered us smoothly through unchartered waters for our firstever recruitment advertising campaign. Despite the market being flooded with NHS Trusts all seeking additional staff, the team quickly found us a unique angle to help ‘sell’ our fantastic hospital and location to potential new recruits. Using our own staff in images and videos we delivered an honest and personal campaign that celebrates pride in our Trust and the NHS as a whole.

Mandy Ward

Associate Director of Communications and Engagement

Logic 4 Training

Logo design
Logic4Training are a large UK based training company in the building services industry. They run a wide range of course and assessments across gas, electrical, plumbing, oil, renewables and air conditioning.

Logic4Training needed a new website that would make it easy for clients to book places on training courses. The site needed to be simple to navigate as well as visually appealing with great UX.
Website mock ups, creative

Our Solution

As courses change regularly the site needed a comprehensive admin system so that staff could easily manage registrations and add or amend content.

Working closely with the client we developed a clear, professional website that made bookings fast and simple, with easy to fill in forms and clearly signposted course subjects. A comprehensive but easy to use admin system gave Logic4Training total control over course details and bookings.


Logic4Training is growing fast – it is now one of the UK’s largest training providers in the building sector. Regular strategic reviews are held to ensure the website is updated and expanded in line with Logic4Training’s commercial goals and strategic roadmap.

Website mock up logic for training


SSA Creatives
SSA Group is a multi-national recruitment agency specialising in the construction industry. They currently operate in the UK, Ireland, Canada, the middle East and America.

SSA needed a series of websites covering each of their markets. The sites needed to have a common theme but allow for the variances of the individual markets, showcasing the company as well as feature live jobs and opportunities.
Website mock ups

Our Solution

Speed designed and built a flexible template in WordPress that could be adapted for each of SSA’s markets. This provided a cost effective way to provide tailored sites for each of the markets whilst offering all the required functionality.

To create distinction across the regions, we included videos clips of distinct skylines which played on load giving each site a slick start to user experience.


The sites have proven to be well used and popular giving SSA an excellent platform to promote its opportunities.

Website mock-ups
Closing Quotes

Speed really listened to us and responded perfectly to the brief. Their creative flair is obvious, yet they delivered on the technical side too – seamlessly integrating our online recruitment system so that the journey is clean and crisp for our candidates. We were impressed!

Jamie Mitchell

Group MD


Will Group logo
WIL Group is a global network of specialists in recruiting interim professionals. Having identified partners in key markets worldwide, the WIL Group needed a name, a brand strategy, a website and promotional collateral that would stand out and make the right impression.
Website mock ups

Our Solution

Taking a strategic approach, we explored what the WIL Group stood for and what made it different. It was clear that the branding needed to give a professional, credible and corporate feel, to bring to life the group’s expertise in seeking out top level leaders at short notice. The WIL Group’s unique differentiator is its vast talent pool and total understanding of the transformational challenges facing businesses in every market.


Having created a well-received brand for the new group, we set to work in creating a credible and SEO driven website to create the right impression for WIL Group’s clients and candidates.
We applied the branding to the group’s corporate presentations and brochures, presenting the WIL Group at the forefront of transition and change management, global business needs and successful partnerships.
Having worked in partnership with the WIL Group for over 8 years, we recently collaborated on a brand and website refresh, delivering content rich campaigns and social outreach to promote brand awareness and interest.

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Closing Quotes

Speed demonstrated the ability to understand our industry, our situation, our needs. The level of commitment and enthusiasm is always very high. Creativity, design and also excellent project management capabilities help us to develop our Group – and we are very grateful for Speed’s support.

Thorsten Becker

Managing Director, Management Angels and Director