Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care System (CPICS)

NHS Feel brighter
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Integrated Care System (CPICS) works together to improve the health and wellbeing of people locally at every life stage. It brings together health and care organisations with local councils and community initiatives. CPICS wanted to increase access to free NHS Talking Therapies for mental health conditions among people aged 65+ in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire.

Research found that these therapies were currently accessed by only 8% of 65+ adults, compared to 22.5% of adults under 65. CPICS attributed this to the stigma associated with mental health among older adults, making them reluctant to seek help.
NHS Feel bright creatives

Our Solution

We worked closely with the client to create vibrant, image led campaign ideas to educate older people about mental health symptoms they might be experiencing, and how support could help.

We based the campaign design and messaging around CPICS research which talked to 3,034 older adults. We presented our ideas at workshops with service users and providers to gather feedback.

Various design concepts were presented at focus groups with people with lived experience of mental health issues for further input. The agreed creative focused on the headline ‘Feel Brighter.’

NHS Creatives NHS Creatives NHS Creatives NHS Creative mock ups


The Feel Brighter campaign launched, this included social media, ad vans, attention in the local press, posters, flyers and direct mail to GPs, healthcare professionals, charities and care settings.

In just two months the website attracted almost 20,000 visitors, more than 10,000 of them clicking through from social media ads.

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Closing Quotes

The vibrant and engaging messaging yielded strong results. The campaign reached a wide audience and help to change attitudes to common mental health symptoms like loneliness, anxiety and low mood – which often get ignored.”

Dr Emma Tiffin

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough CCG Adult Clinical Mental Health Lead

North West Anglia NHS Hospital Trust

NWA NHS Hospital Trust was experiencing recruitment challenges. Lack of medical specialism meant it was overlooked as an employer of choice – but for many reasons it’s a great place to work.
NHS Creatives

Our Solution

We delved in to get discover the overlooked benefits of working at the hospital, developing a campaign proposition to communicate the reasons it was a good career choice. Career development and training programmes, coupled with flexible working hours were summed up in the striking proposition “a career without compromise”.

The creative brought this concept to life by showing various hospital staff in their medical uniforms and their hobby kits. This bold and engaging theme was carried across career fair merchandise, online advertising and print material. Photography and case study videos were par for the course with this project.


The campaign worked well and brought in new candidates of a better quality.

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Closing Quotes

The team at Speed steered us smoothly through unchartered waters for our firstever recruitment advertising campaign. Despite the market being flooded with NHS Trusts all seeking additional staff, the team quickly found us a unique angle to help ‘sell’ our fantastic hospital and location to potential new recruits. Using our own staff in images and videos we delivered an honest and personal campaign that celebrates pride in our Trust and the NHS as a whole.

Mandy Ward

Associate Director of Communications and Engagement

Hay Peterborough

HAY Logo
How Are You Peterborough is a health initiative driven by a partnership of NHS, charity and public sector organisations to help transform mental health services.

Peterborough was chosen as one of 12 national community mental health pilot sites, with the aim to improve access to joined-up support spanning physical health, mental health and social care.

Speed won a website development pitch to develop resources for both healthcare practitioners and consumers.
Website mock up HAY Peterborough

Our Solution

The first step was to fully explore the project’s requirements with a multi-stakeholder workshop, involving the audiences to help us understand their specific needs and the information that each one would need to access.

As part of the project we designed and built a WordPress website. We combined multilingual resources, clear and navigable links to a wide variety of groups and tools with good user experience (UX). Careful categorisation of the information and distinct sign-posting was essential in helping people find the information they need. We also designed and built a technically complex map with two viewing options to maximise UX.

We created a friendly and welcoming website, introducing many options to help people take ownership of their wellbeing. An easy-to-navigate menu brings together classes and groups, sports, art and music opportunities as well as outdoor activities and volunteering.


The approach has been so successful that further HAY organisations have requested versions of the same website for their regions. Speed is now working to create a full series of sites, with easy, user-friendly access for each team to update the information and keep it current.

HAY Peterborough website mock up

Kidney Research

Kidney research Logo
Kidney Research is a national charity dedicated to funding research into new treatments and cures for kidney disease.

Speed reached out to the charity to offer our creative and design services and we were rewarded with a project – a campaign to raise awareness of some key risk factors for kidney disease and how to identify the warning signs.
Kidney research UK creative mock ups

Our Solution

Education, awareness and provoking engagement was the campaign remit. It was important to understand the channels to market and develop a campaign that was going to work in GP waiting rooms, across social channels, and in printed materials.

We developed an impactful creative campaign proposition and a creative concept to grab peoples’ attention – simple, fun and highly effective.

Joined up, integrated communications and campaign assets were crucial for the campaign to gather momentum. We plotted the users journey from off line to online to ensure all channel materials were consistent.

Booklet creatives


Over a two-month period, the campaign saw a whopping 28,000 people take the online health check. With over 3,000 people asking for the ‘Get kidney fit’ booklet and submitting their postal address with over 3,000 email opt-ins. The best bit was that only 2% of them were already known to the client: the majority of contacts were brand new.

creative booklet flyers
Closing Quotes

We have had fantastic feedback on the creative. Thank you so much to your team for this. We now have a plan on how we roll out this campaign further across the country in primary care settings.

Yvette Bell

Marketing Officer

North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust

NHS Logo
Every NHS Foundation Trust has to publish annual reports and accounts so that the public and other bodies can see how they are performing. Speed has worked with North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust to design and print these reports for the past few years.

Our brief has been to retain a level of consistency across the reports, while evolving the overall creative design so that each report has a distinct look and feel.
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Our Solution

Each year we work with the team at North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust to agree an overall design theme. The report is visually very people-focused, featuring imagery of Trust staff and patients.

We keep the report engaging using icons, infographics and imagery to bring key themes to life. Careful colour coding helps the reader navigate the report, which is available in both printed form and in downloadable PDF format.

Accuracy is essential, and we go the extra mile with outsourced proofreading to check for any inconsistencies and errors in both the text and figures. Running at over 150 pages, gathering and designing all the content is an extensive process requiring careful and intensive project management.

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Feedback on the report is always positive and we are proud to have delivered the design and print for this publication for the past 10 years.

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Coloplast Stoma

Coloplast logo
An important part Coloplast’s remit is to educate and support people who have stomas, plus their carers. Our client was seeking ways to support care home workers with educational information to spot the early signs of stoma issues.

As carers are not medically trained it can be hard for them to recognise issues and have the confidence to deal with them. Many simple problems could be quickly and easily remedied if they knew how.
Website mock up app development

Our Solution

We advised that an app would be the best way to deliver content, as carers have limited access to desktop devices but can access apps via their phones.

As usual, we started with user stories, developing content and building user journeys. We designed a custom built, informative and easy to use app. Central to its structure was a clear, well-defined informational hierarchy with supporting images and access to further information.

Website development


By helping carers treat patients, we built their trust in the Coloplast brand.


Coloplast Charter

Coloplast Charter, the delivery and specialist support service needed to communicate its brand offering and product benefits more clearly to patients and healthcare professionals.
Brochure mock ups

Our Solution

Following a workshop to understand research into the audiences, Speed created brand concepts tailored to each audience. The new approach centred on real people: customers and health professionals shining a spotlight on what Charter does best.

New photography was art directed to bring the concept to life and build on the credibility of the brand promise.

Brochure mock ups


The approach was very well received, with 91% of customers saying they would recommend Charter to others following the brand launch.

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Closing Quotes

“Working with Speed is like an extension of the marketing team. The creativity and fresh thinking, supported by a practical ‘can-do’ approach, means campaigns not only look good and impactful, but also get delivered in plenty of time. Together, we achieve what we set out to do – and more!”

Karla Sloggett

Marketing Manager