Advanced Handling

Advanced handling
Advanced Handling is a British company specialising in industrial lifting equipment. It was seeking an established branding agency to create a new business-facing brand with a corresponding WordPress website.

This new proposition needed careful positioning to fit within the existing brand architecture. It was important to articulate how different product ranges met various trade needs.
Elevation website mock-ups

Our Solutions

Hosting a branding workshop, we dug into the business to understand the audiences and sales channels. This helped us create an overarching brand proposition, key messages and brand narrative for the new group of products – with the name Elevation. We now had a clear story to tell about the brand and its role, both in the marketplace and within Advanced Handling’s portfolio.
We ran a website workshop to define user stories and user flows to ensure a good user experience. The Elevation website was designed and built in WordPress with impactful headings, a strong and clear brand and product offering plus a streamlined, easy to follow UX.

Elevation Art board, creative design


The site presents a professional image and delivers clear product hierarchy – alongside a strong sense of quality and expertise.

Website mock ups
Closing Quotes

We worked with Speed to design and develop our new International brand; its logo, overall image, values, guidelines and website. Through brand workshops and briefing meetings, Speed took time to truly understand what we wanted to achieve, our market and our target audience. The end results could not have represented our concepts any better! Speed’s passion for their industry is infectious and reflected in everything they do.

Deborah Leslie

Marketing Manager

Bridge Farm Group

Bridge farm group logo
Bridge Farm started as a family business, growing flowers and plants for customers of big UK retailers. Its expertise in bioscience and glasshouse technology led the company to branch out into medicinal bio-compounds – so it needed a website that represented both sides of its business.
Bridge farm website mock ups

The Brief

Bridge Farm was seeking a website redesign that accurately presented the brand and the specific areas of its work. Its users spanned multiple audiences, from retailers and buyers to bio-scientists and medical companies, as well as the local community.
Bridge farm website mock ups

The Result

We built a WordPress website to bring Bridge Farm’s brand to life, showcasing its vast, unique glasshouse, cutting edge technology and commitment to sustainability.

A close focus on user experience ensures that different audiences have a clear journey to follow, immediately locating the information they need.

Bridge farm mock ups website


OAL Logo
OAL Group are innovators in their industry, developing new products to take to market in the food production industry. They needed help articulating their story and explaining their product portfolio.
OAL Brochure creatives mock up

Our Solution

Delving into the company, we conducted a brand audit, unpicking a complex customer offering and created a clear brand architecture, brand story and messages to shape the future of its communications.

By designing a set of product identities we enabled easier cross selling which in turn created a framework to get new innovations to market more quickly.

A new company WordPress website was designed and built to showcase OAL’s unique capabilities and in depth of expertise in their field.

OAL creatives website mock up


A clear visual story created a professional and sophisticated brand image that was easy to digest and understand.

OAL Creatives


Cummins logo
As one of the leading manufacturers of alternator technologies, Cummins were being targeted by fraudsters trying to make a fast buck.

Our client wanted to both promote awareness of this counterfeiting issue, as well as highlighting the unique features of its products to help potential customers make a discerning decision.
Stamford AvK brochure mock up

Our Solution

Our hard-hitting and innovative exhibition campaign warned purchasers of the risks and tackled counterfeiters head on.

Promoting an authentication process for their alternators, we highlighted the importance of fighting fraudsters.

Tactics included exhibition stand graphics and advertising campaigns with supporting brochures. We also produced an engaging video detailing the authentication process to promote the real facts.

Cummins creatives

Royal HaskoningDHV

Having newly acquired a number of businesses, engineering firm Royal HaskoningDHV wanted to improve collaborative working opportunities. It was seeking an opportunity to bring its teams together and bring the company culture to life for newer parts of its group.
Creative mock ups

Our Solution

An internal awards event was developed as a way of promoting collaboration.

Collaborating with client, we developed naming options and a vibrant supporting brand look and feels to project celebration and togetherness. We designed and built a full brand campaign to support the launch, including videos, social posts, intranet content and nomination collateral.


The Unity awards received an excellent response rate, with lots of positive interest. Out of possible 450 entries, the following figures deemed the campaign a success.
107 – Total nominations received for the UK Unity Awards
34 – Team nominations across all 4 categories
56 – Individual nominations across all four categories

Brochures Creatives
Closing Quotes

Speed thoroughly understood the brief and the kind of feel we wanted to create for the awards. Speed came up with the perfect name, Unity, and created high quality campaign collateral that suited us perfectly, even down to a giant ‘Oscar’ statue for the event itself! Our click to open rate was 80% on average – in the past, our top click to open rate in the UK has been 50%.

Cerri Harper

UK Marketing and Communications Manager for Royal HaskoningDHV

Linwood Crops

Linwood logo
Linwood Crops is a reputable UK potato wholesaler that was seeking to develop and launch its own potato brand, specifically targeting the hospitality industry. Working with chefs, Linwood Crops identified the perfect potato varieties for key culinary purposes: chipping, roasting, baking etc.

The client asked us to create a suitable brand and packaging that was colour coded for total clarity and ease of purchase in a fast-paced market.
Linwood product mock up

Our Solution

In close collaboration with the client we created a range of clear and high impact brand options for the Chef’s Taste range.
A key strategic focus was to use bold colours for each product type: blue for roasting potatoes, red for mashing and boiling, yellow for chips and green for multi-purpose. We made use of the latest printing technology to produce these bold colours on a range of packaging types.
By displaying each logo mocked up on the packaging, the client could clearly envisage the end product, making the brand selection process much simpler.

Linwood logo


Within just one month the packaging had been produced and was being rolling out to customers. We supported the launch with a creative social media campaign, bringing the Chef’s Taste brand to life with mouthwatering images that really engaged the customer.

As hospitality venues reopened as pandemic restrictions eased, the brand enjoyed a big surge in sales and repeat orders.

Linwood creatives


Cummins is a global brand famous for its generator technologies. It was founded in 1904 and established the Newage brand which became well known for quality engineering. A change in 2006 renamed the company from NEWAGE-AvK to Cummins Generator Technologies.

In 2020 Cummins wanted to reintroduce the Newage brand and capitalise on its legacy, applying it as the brand for a range of alternators.
Brochure mock-up

Our Solution

Working in collaboration with the client, we created a brand proposition, a brand narrative and key benefit driven messages so that all members of the Cummins team and potential customers understood the heritage and values of the Newage brand. It was also key that we created a clear brand architecture to show how it fitted in with the existing product range.

The key theme of the brand narrative is ‘a legacy of certainty, regenerated for today.’ which allowed us to tell the historical chapter and sell in the need for it today.

Brochure mock up creatives

Pioneer Foods Dino Eggs

Pioneer Foods’ Fruit Bowl brand manufactures healthy snacks for children. The team was launching a new product: Dino Eggs. These yogurt-covered raisins needed fun and engaging messaging to support the launch, particularly on social media. The strategic aim was to capture the attention of parents of primary school children.
Dino eggs website mock up

Our Solution

We presented the client with a choice of creative conceptual approaches applying the bright, fun imagery from the product packaging to support brand recognition. The client’s favoured approach used ‘roarr-some’ dinosaur jokes and puns to really engage with the target audience.

Social activity included a range of animated posts to bring the campaign to life, a competition to encourage parents to spread the word about this fun new product, as well product leaflets and in store merchandise.


The launch was a great success with significant engagement across the brand’s social platforms and a great customer experience. Dino Eggs are now stocked in Tesco, Morrisons and Waitrose.

Dino creatives