Pozitive Planet

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Injecting energy into an innovative business idea

We’ve been working with Pozitive Energy for a few years now, having originally helped them establish an innovative business energy brand. Their vision was to use the latest technology to make energy simple for business customers.
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The Brief

Pozitive needed a brand proposition and brand narrative to tell its story in a competitive marketplace. We created these important elements and crafted key messages to articulate the benefits of doing business with them. Their USP was the key: Pozitive successfully blends sustainability and technology. That was the inspiration for our creative direction. We created dynamic, animated designs to reflect Pozitive’s ground-breaking approach.
Pozitive Planet website mockups

The Result

We built a WordPress website to showcase Pozitive’s products and services. We also storyboarded, designed and built an animated video to explain their offer in an easy-to-understand way.

Now, Pozitive has unveiled a website that brings all these services together: Pozitive Planet – designed and hosted by the team at Speed. It’s great to see a client grow and flourish, especially when we can play a part in their journey.

Pozitive Planet website mock ups

Cambridge Carbon Footprint

CCF Logo
Cambridge Carbon Footprint is a charity supporting people in the move to low carbon living. It approached Speed for help in consolidating its three websites into a single, high-impact site.

The client needed the site to be easily found via search engines, inspiring and professional-looking. It also needed to provide key functions – such as booking a CO2 monitor for your home, processing donations and presenting a carbon footprint calculator.
Cambridge Carbon foot print mock up website

Our Solutions

We worked with the client to gather a detailed specification whilst simplifying a complex offering. Vibrant creative options including several variations for the sub-sites were developed to showcase the messaging and tools.
The main website was built using Elementor. As an established platform, this proved to be a cost-effective solution whilst providing the flexibility to integrate some of the client’s unique specifications. The more complex carbon footprint calculator and a ‘sign the charter’ module were both bespoke builds, which integrated into the overall website seamlessly.

Cambridge carbon footprint mock up website


Following an extensive testing process the website was successfully launched on time. By adopting a simple to use Content Management System, our client now updates the website in-house.

Cambridge carbon footprint mock up website
Closing Quotes

The brand-new Cambridge Carbon Footprint website was built from the ground up with content from our Open Eco Homes and Circular Cambridge project websites, to create one online hub for our resources. Combined with the launch of the Cambridge Climate Change Charter carbon footprint calculator and advice hub, the website has completely refreshed our online appearance.

Pozitive Energy

Looking for a creative and technical partner to design and build their brand website, Pozitive Energy commissioned Speed Agency based on our experience in the energy sector.

For this new business with lots of ambition, Speed ensured all deliverables were fit for purpose now and in the long term.
creative animation

Our Solution

We developed a brand proposition and brand narrative to help Pozitive tell its story in a competitive marketplace, crafting key messages to articulate the benefits of doing business with them. We identified its USP as the successful marriage of sustainability and technology, which inspired our creative direction. By designing and animating designs we signposted information and encouraged engagement.

We built a WordPress brochure style website to showcase Pozitive’s products and services. We also storyboarded, designed and built an animated video to explain the complexities behind their services in an easy to understand way.


Having completed this initial project, we went on to develop subsequent subbrands, each with a dedicated WordPress website.

The approach enabled Pozitiive to cross sell easily, and build the business with a well articulated and distinct portfolio of products and services.

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Energentik logos
energetik is a community energy network for Enfield, built around a series of energy centres that provide sustainable, low carbon heat and hot water to 30,000 local homes. The first homes to be connected were new-build houses, and energetik is now extending heat networks into social housing.

Speed won a tender to work with energetik who needed support explaining its work to a range of audiences with different needs. They needed strategic advice on how to engage online with residents, landlords, developers, business owners and sustainability professionals.
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Our Solution

The first step was to work with energetik to thoroughly map out the various stakeholders and their priorities, so that we could create a highly functional website with a clear user journey for every visitor.

This exercise was integral to how Speed then built a great-looking interactive and multilingual WordPress website to bring energetik to life. Interactive maps showcase the energy network, explaining how each energy centre connects to local homes and how they will extend their reach in coming years.

Different types of visitors are guided to dedicated sections of content so that they can quickly find what they need. We kept UX/UI design principles at the forefront of the design. Plenty of case study videos make it easy to understand the benefits to residents and the wider area.

As we developed the brand across the website, we also applied it to a range of off line printed collateral requirements to present a consistent image to a wide ranging group of audiences.


It was clear from the start that this site needed to be built in a way that it could be easily updated as well as be flexible to allow growth and changes of direction which meant it was vital that Speed took the time to understand energetik’s long term plans.

The site launched in 2016 and Speed has continued to extend and improve it as the project evolves. The most recent addition was a new ‘retrofit’ section.

Website mock-up
Brochure creatives
Brochure creatives
Closing Quotes

Thank you for your above and beyond level of support, effort and enthusiasm in delivering our website requirements and associated documents. The end product is truly fantastic, it flows well, the creativity shown in the graphics is superb and the website is super easy to navigate. In fact everyone that I show it to both inside and outside the industry gives the same positive feedback, I believe that when someone is impressed with your website, by default they are kind of impressed by the Company, so thank you for that too.

Jayne Clare

Managing Director

IZ Energy

IZ Energy logo
As a recent startup business, IZ Energy contacted us looking for help to build on their existing brand. Commissioned to design and build a new website, we created a new colour palette and graphical art direction to give them a fresh brand personality.
IZ Energy creatives

Our Solution

The brand image needed to have more impact and sophistication. It needed to work on an international level and portray a more professional image overall.

We designed and built a website to showcase new brand elements, restructuring the content hierarchy for a better user experience. We also created an FAQ section and Contact Form, as well as creating a standout brand graphic to explain the benefits of IZ Energy’s products and services.

IZ Energy creatives website mock up


The website not only looks great and highly engaging, it also articulates the services on offer and allows for a smooth transition for the customer. The contact form is easy to use, and the FAQs section gives the user all the information they need.

IZ Energy creatives


Our client was seeking to enter the boiler replacement market providing customers with a swift buying journey and boiler installations within 24 hours of purchase.

Creating a dynamic and highly functional website was integral to BBright’s success. Customers needed a quick and easy to understand buying journey to select the most appropriate boiler model, pay for it (with finance as an option) and book the installation.
Bbright Web mock-ups

Our Solutions

Our UX team created an intuitive user journey, making it easy for the customer to identify the right boiler for their home at a suitable price and providing information to support decisions at the right stage of the buying journey. We worked closely with the client to explore high impact eye-catching web designs to create distinction from competitors.

Built in WordPress with WooCommerce and API Omni Finance integrations. Following the launch of the website, we created a bespoke app so client could share booking information with its team of engineers. The app also invited potential engineers to research the company and sign up for work.

Bbright Website mock-ups


After an initial soft launch, BBright initiated a marketing campaign to drive traffic to the site. This successfully generated high volumes of traffic and an excellent conversion rate. Speed continues to work with the client to constantly develop the site, app and back-office administration.
Bbright creatives
Closing Quotes

Having just started our heating company, we were looking for someone to create our website. Speed came highly recommended by one of our business partners, and after getting various quotes and meetings with other companies, we have decided to go with them. We started with the website, then we moved on to software development, they have built our Bbright app that can be found in both the App store and Google Play. The app communicates with our website and now we are building a more advanced UI to bridge the gap, to make it more user friendly. What a journey this has been and I can’t see an end in sight: we keep growing and we keep evolving. Speed has always been there to help and guide us and we are getting close to 1 year of fruitful partnership.

Andrei Ungurianu

Operations Director