The Peterborough School

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The Peterborough School is a high performing independent school that takes a unique, personalised approach to its students’ education. The school wanted to raise its profile locally and boost admission applications.
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Our Solution

We spent time exploring the brief from the client to understand what sets the school apart from other independent settings in the region. Among its key strengths are small class sizes and how the team tailors educational plans to each individual student.
This led to the strapline ‘Freedom to Thrive’ which was applied as the creative for a 48-sheet display ad in Peterborough City Centre. It was also the theme for a series of social media posts.
The Peterborough School, Billboard campaign, advert


Admission applications increased as a result of the campaign and have stayed high. The campaign led on to more creative work with the Peterborough School including a focus on brand strategy.

The Peterborough school creatives

Logic 4 Training

Logo design
Logic4Training are a large UK based training company in the building services industry. They run a wide range of course and assessments across gas, electrical, plumbing, oil, renewables and air conditioning.

Logic4Training needed a new website that would make it easy for clients to book places on training courses. The site needed to be simple to navigate as well as visually appealing with great UX.
Website mock ups, creative

Our Solution

As courses change regularly the site needed a comprehensive admin system so that staff could easily manage registrations and add or amend content.

Working closely with the client we developed a clear, professional website that made bookings fast and simple, with easy to fill in forms and clearly signposted course subjects. A comprehensive but easy to use admin system gave Logic4Training total control over course details and bookings.


Logic4Training is growing fast – it is now one of the UK’s largest training providers in the building sector. Regular strategic reviews are held to ensure the website is updated and expanded in line with Logic4Training’s commercial goals and strategic roadmap.

Website mock up logic for training

Brooke Weston Trust


Brooke Weston

Brooke Weston Trust won a tender to become the training hub for schools in Northamptonshire. We were asked us to develop a brand to build awareness and credibility among its new partners – including some that had missed out on the same tender.

The strategic priority was to communicate the power of coalition and how the training hub would bring together everyone in the area together.

Our Solution

We ran a brand workshop to fully explore the requirements and different audiences, which were strategic delivery partners, senior school leaders and teaching staff.

Developing a modern, colour block brand image to project confidence and strength, it was signed off at concept stage with no further changes!


We supported the brand launch with an animated social posts and newsletter which landed well. We are now developing partner packs and creating a suite of social assets and event collateral on a monthly basis.

Show banners
Closing Quotes

Thank you so much for your work on our brand. It’s hit the brief and we love it! 

Cromwell Museum

Cromwell logo
The Cromwell Museum was seeking to redesign its website, giving it a more modern and up-to-date feel and improving user navigation.

The website’s main objectives are to promote the museum’s events; encourage visits from school children by engaging their teachers and parents, and to provide educational materials to people at any educational level.
Website mock up creatives

Our Solution

Speed worked with the client to design and build a website that projects a modern take on Oliver Cromwell and the Tudor era, bringing the museum to life and inspiring potential visitors.

The main challenge was determining the best way to present large quantities of information in a concise and structured way. So the focus was on user experience.

By dividing the learning section of the website, built in WordPress, by educational level and providing relevant resources for each section, the usability was improved tenfold. The content includes PDFs, videos and text-based information.


The website now gains 3,000 page views per month, partly driven by a monthly newsletter designed and issued by Speed. More than 100 people have now signed up for the communication.

Website creatives
Closing Quotes

We had an established relationship with Speed, who had designed our new website for 2019, putting together a high quality, attractive and user friendly site that has considerable traffic since then. It was natural that we would turn to them to develop our online shop last year, and they were able to match the commercial site so that it seamlessly fitted into the look and branding of the main website. Working closely with us Speed were able to use our existing retail software to create the back office, make it usable for us and our order fulfilment company, and have been on hand ever since to provide prompt assistance to correct any issues or help with updates. They are a pleasure to work with!

Stuart Orme

Musuem Curator

Teach Series

Teach series logo
The Teach series of websites is a solution based on digital transformation, responding to the challenge of recruiting high quality teaching staff to primary and secondary schools.

The series began with Teach Peterborough, a one-stop online end to end website solution. It sells Peterborough as the whole package for teachers and high-quality teaching graduates – the perfect city to train, teach, lead and live in.

Improving the recruitment process makes it more efficient and a better experience for everyone.
teach in cambs logo mock up

Our Solution

We consulted with multiple stakeholders; city headteachers, principals and other key stakeholders at the local authority to devise the Teach Peterborough brand.

We developed user flows and made recommendations on how to improve the process for recruiter and candidate alike. Built in WordPress, the website had to be both visually engaging to sell Peterborough as a place to live, as well as being technically robust.

We included lots of features and facts about the City and hosted job advertising from schools across the region. Jobs are presented in a customisable search to make it easy for users to find appropriate roles. The application process was developed to be as slick and quick as possible to encourage users to complete it.

Our integrated launch campaign drove awareness of the site to teaching graduates and local schools. A series of videos and a motion graphic showcased Peterborough and education in the city.


The initial Teach Peterborough site was so successful that it inspired replica sites for other regions, including Teach in Cambs and Teach Bedford.

Website mock ups
Closing Quotes

The recruitment of teachers in Peterborough has long been a problem and we are already seeing the positive impact this is having with lots of traffic to the website and vacancies being filled.

Jonathan Lewis

Service Director for Education, Resources and Corporate Property