The foundation of typography and marketing

What does your typography say about your brand? Your typeface is a key element in all kinds of marketing – your brand identity, design & print, digital marketing and web & app development. It subtly conveys all kinds of things about your brand personality. But why is that, and what do you need to consider? […]

Fintech and improving customer experience

Fintech is big business around the world. Financial technology is a growing area of expertise for Speed too, particularly in financial services website development and the marketing of financial services. The main priority for most Fintech initiatives is to improve customer experience. The UK has become a global hub for this activity, and London is […]

Marketing trends in finance 2022

The marketing efforts of any financial organisations have always focused on two goals: to raise brand awareness and engage customers in their financial services. We have many financial services marketing clients that seek our support in achieving these goals.    The finance sector is one of the most fast-moving industries we specialise in. Here are […]

Brand development – is it really so important?

Everyone has some awareness that branding is helpful to an organisation and, as a branding agency, of course we want clients to understand its purpose. But brand development is not an exact science. So how are you supposed to know where to focus your efforts and investments? The main purpose of branding is to create […]

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