While we develop Apps at Speed, this time our role was the brand strategy, creation and web development.

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Living with risk.

App development can be high risk for a client, often requiring considerable investment from interested parties. Loyaltybook is a mobile loyalty app that enables you to digitally stamp your phone with unique codes provided by your favourite coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, bowling alleys, cinemas, beauty salons and anywhere you love. Collect your stamps and be rewarded for your loyalty.

Developing is believing.

At the end of the day, if you can’t explain what an App does and who it’s for, all that belief, investment and resource could just trickle into the sand.

While we develop Apps at Speed, this time our role was the brand and website. We had to get those right. Without them, the App has less chance of succeeding. For Loyaltybook, much was at stake. An international travel company had invested.

Watching the space.

The Loyaltybook App is newly available on iTunes, supported by our recently launched website.

Speed’s enthusiasm and attention to detail throughout this project was amazing and much appreciated. A very impressive team, with superb branding and technical abilities.

Nimon Davey, Founder, Loyaltybook