Addison Lee relocated to Peterborough and needed a recruitment drive to get people excited about the employment opportunities, they chose Speed to help.

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Private hire firm Addison Lee were opening a new customer service centre in Peterborough, creating 250 new jobs.

Working in partnership with PR experts Athene Communications, we created the campaign “your journey starts here”.

An eye-catching teaser campaign gained people’s attention through Facebook and Spotify advertising. We built a dedicated microsite with a simple layout, brand colours and bold imagery for applicants to register their interest.

An important part of the mix was a series of testimonial videos to bring the Addison Lee culture to life, as well as an advertising campaign in Queensgate Shopping Centre.

The approach was highly successful in generating excitement across the Peterborough area and Addison Lee saw high numbers of quality, job applications in a short space of time.

The campaign was high impact and grabbed people’s attention – we generated 225 pre-registrations for the roles available, which was fantastic. The reason it was so effective was that the approach was well integrated across the various channels. It reached the right people and the message was clear and appealing.
Speed are a great team to work with – they got to know us quickly and completely understood what we’re about. We went on to choose Speed to develop the internal branding for the new Peterborough office and hope to work together regularly in the future.

Ben Ford, Head of Customer Experience at Addison Lee