Which Christmas advert is the best of the best?


As we entered November and the final remanents of Halloween and Bonfire night were left behind we were flooded with Christmas campaigns which took shape in all forms of marketing and advertising. The biggest and most anticipated moment of the festive period seeming to be who will release the best and most memorable TV advert for this year, will it be John Lewis, Sainsburys, M&S, McDonalds or will Coca Cola’s traditional ‘Holidays are Coming’ advert still be the pinnacle of Christmas time?

At Speed Agency we have gathered together 10 of the ‘best of the best’ Christmas adverts from the last 35 years and put it to a vote to see which one comes out on top.

After casting our votes and having our say we can reveal what the Speedsters think is the best of the best Christmas advert. It is… a tie between,

Coca-Cola – Holidays Are Coming


Sainsburys – Christmas Truce of 1914

Read below the reasons why the Speedsters thought these were the best

Coca-Cola – Holidays Are Coming (1995)

It doesn’t matter what Christmas adverts are on the TV, you know that Christmas has officially started when you see the brightly lit Coca-Cola trucks on the TV, with the iconic whispered soundtrack of “Holidays are coming”. 22 years after that advert first aired it’s still played every year. Its iconic. The Coca-Cola advert is Christmas.

The reason behind this vote is the suggestion that the magic and wonder of Christmas begins when the Coca Cola trucks arrive. Everything comes to life at the arrival of their convoy, the association of all of that to the trucks, and subsequently their brand I think is really clever. When you then throw in the scene towards the end with the Dad giving his son a hug in the truck, we associate Coca Cola with Christmas, and family. When you add in that years of marketing have made the traditional Father Christmas red and white, to match their brand; it all comes together well in this advert. The message here is simple; Coca Cola = Christmas and Christmas = Family, therefore, by association Coca Cola = Family.

The ‘Holidays Are Coming’ advert is the pinnacle of Christmas, when the trucks arrive people go into a frenzy. From a creative point of view the way Coca Cola have utilised and combined the colours of their brand to the essence of Christmas is very clever and brings a holistic approach to the whole campaign.

I’m not a huge Christmas freak but this advert gets me excited. As soon as I hear the jingle at the start I’m like “well okay then, Christmas is here.” It’s also the earliest Christmas Ad I remember (I was 5) so I’m pretty sure nostalgia has a major part to play.

Watch the advert here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3Wvb0dapZA

Sainsburys – Christmas Truce of 1914 (2014)

The creative is so simple but the message is so impactful. It means more to me for Christmas as putting grudges aside and getting together as a family is more important than presents, decorations etc!

This advert has a different take on the typical ‘Christmas cheer and in-your-face happiness’ and that is why it gets my vote. It shows the core values of Christmas through simple yet engaging emotional imagery and brings attention to a key moment in our countries history which we should not forget.

The strong emotional engagement of this advert is the reason why it gets my vote.

This advert receives my vote as it is an incredibly simple yet powerful reminder of how so many people sacrificed so much for us to continue having the Christmases we do with our family and friends year and year. The creative direction draws you, making you emotionally connect with the advert without you even realising.

Watch the advert here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jdobquf1zms

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