Keeping your brand promises


It may sound obvious, but before they buy, your customers need to trust that your services or products will deliver on your promises.

That’s brand credibility, and it’s more important than ever in a world where people will almost certainly first come across your brand online.

Here are Speed’s thoughts on the three vital ingredients to credibility:


Consistent branding builds trust and familiarity between a brand and its customers. It’s not just about sticking your logo on everything! Consistency means…

  • Tone of voice – your values, visions and personality must always shine through in all your materials, whether it’s your website, videos or printed material.


  • Visual Identity – Colour, typography, logo, art direction and all the rest of the design elements need to stay constant across all your collateral. It will make you recognisable and familiar.


  • The brand experience – a brand is all about what it stands for and so your values and personality can’t just live in your marketing materials. Your people need to bring the brand to life in how they work with customers and partners.


Many of us don’t trust sales messages and prefer to buy based on recommendations. Search Engine Land found that 85% of consumers say they read up to 10 reviews before feeling they can trust a business or brand.

Seeking out and sharing testimonials gives your customers confidence, reduces the perceived risk before buying and adds that credibility., for example, drives visitors to a page of ratings and reviews to show what their customers say about them.


Earn trust

You earn customer loyalty and ongoing credibility by consistently making products that live up to your brand promises – and by acting in a way that customers expect.

So credibility reaches far beyond your marketing team – it’s built in every part of your business and brought to life at every stage of your product lifecycle.

Speed has helped hundreds of brands build their reputations and credibility. Talk to us about your branding project, on 01832 280032 or via our contact us page.