Four Ways Social Media is Boosting Healthcare Brands


In a sector where people can be fiercely protective of their personal information, it’s a bit surprising that healthcare brands are investing heavily in social media. But that doesn’t make it any less true.

Social media

There are four key ways that social media is proving to be a big success in healthcare.

Figure 1: PwC Health Research Institute social media consumer survey, 2012

Health and social media1. Reviews

People are seeking out reviews on social media about healthcare providers – and making their decisions based on what they find. This is especially true for people coping with a chronic condition or managing their diet, exercise or stress. 42% use social media for health-related reviews, whether it’s asking their network for health tips, good dentists in the area, or going private for an operation.

2. Information and insight

Around a third of social media users seek out information about health conditions. So companies that embrace social media as part of their marketing strategy can engage with patients in helping them access information.

Novartis is a great example. Very active on Facebook and Twitter, they link to content about particular innovations and health conditions – from Motor Neurone disease to migraines. Using patient stories helps drive shares and comments.

Novartis twitter

3. Other patient’s experiences

Some of the most active people on social media are individuals coping with health conditions – and hearing from others in the same boat is invaluable. Organisations such as Diabetes New Zealand use social media to encourage and direct participation in their web-based diabetes awareness chats. Other brands tap into Facebook member groups to share expertise and advice specific to a condition or illness.

4. Video

24% of customers view health-related videos on social media. Whether it’s ‘top superfoods for diabetics’ or animations showing how knee surgery works, there’s a wealth of content out there.

Health providers are busy creating that video content and Google’s Think Insights revealed that YouTube traffic to hospital websites has increased 119% in a single year.

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