5 Killer Ways to Build Customer Relationships


Customer loyalty is the holy grail for most businesses – but opportunities are missed all too often.

48% of people say that the critical time to gain their loyalty is at their first purchase. It’s vital to make the process simple, painless and – ideally – enjoyable.

Customer loyalty

Here are Speed’s five tips for building fantastic relationships:

1. Exceed expectations

When a customer buys for the first time, you need to stand out from the rest. They want good value, but if you make them feel they’ve got more than they expected – they’ll come back. Amazon are known for this by delivering faster than the estimated time. That makes for a positive experience and encourages loyalty.

2. Cherish the customer

We’re all humans and we want to be appreciated. RightNow’s Customer Experience Impact study found 82% of customers would stop using a business if they feel they’re not cared for. Some retail brands address that with targeted emails. If a customer hasn’t bought for a while, they receive an email saying ‘We miss you’… often with a voucher or discount code.

 why customers leave

3. Listen

Deliver what customers want by asking them what it is! Email them a feedback form, or add a pop up to your website. Keep the questions short and snappy – and offer a prize for completion.
feedback form

4. Offer up rewards

Customers like to feel they’re getting rewarded for their business, and that helps to keep them coming back. Online fashion retailer Boohoo, for example, email customers with regular offers to tempt people back to the site.

email rewards

5. Cracking customer service

Even a loyal customer will be rocked by bad service – so you need to keep it classy and consistent.

Apple, of course, made customer service a priority from day one. Its essence for both products and service is user friendliness. In-store journeys are seamless and expertly staffed.

Loyal customers are at the core of every successful business. Speed has a long and fruitful track record in building customer relationships – give us a call to see how we can help you! Contact us via our website or on 01832 280032.