Why Financial Marketeers are Going Digital


Financial brands are taking the online world by storm.

Whatever you’re doing online, you’re sure to notice advertising from financial brands – whether it’s insurance, banking, credit or investing.

So what’s the appeal for these brands, which are often more traditional in their approaches, to lead the march online? Read on…

  1. Digital is more efficient

Traditional media is great for reaching wide audiences, but doesn’t engage them and so has low returns.

Meanwhile, 67% of financial marketeers say that digital marketing is more efficient in reaching customers compared to offline channels.

JP Morgan’s digital adverts below helped increase awareness of its asset management service. The company used these alongside online video ads, social media and mobile marketing.

JP Morgan

2. Millennials love mobile

Millennials are now reaching the prime age for new financial services. They are highly mobile and technically savvy, and look for easy ways to manage money online.

millenials and mobile

As people move to mobile banking channels, financial marketing must do the same. That means mobile optimised and responsive websites are essential, ideally alongside custom apps and mobile targeted campaigns.

3. The power of data

Data analytics means that financial brands can really get to know their customers, and tailor their conversations to be more friendly – and more appealing. It also means they can seek out the best customers, audience and engage with them in genuine two-way conversation. For example, Chinese brand CITIC Bank now screens new credit card customers based on their behaviour online.

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