Get animated about your brand


If you want people to get excited about your brand and what you’re up to, sometimes words and pictures aren’t quite enough. It’s why video rules today’s online universe.

Yet not every budget can stretch to celebrity ambassadors, film crews and costly editing suites.

There’s another way. You can drive maximum impact without busting your budget, thanks to the meteoric rise of animation.

Read on for five great reasons to make animation part of your marketing mix:

  1. Feast your customer’s eyes

The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, which makes visual messages much more effective than written ones.

The right combination of appealing colours, illustrative style and music holds the viewer’s attention so you can get your messages across.

  1. Tell a story

Creating a visual journey helps teach viewers about your offer.

For online life insurance brand, Beagle Street, we created a family of avatars to bring to life their different insurance products and how they help.

Not only do audiences find them relatable, they can absorb information fast and get to grips with a complex topic.  Our animations meant that Beagle Street saw an immediate uplift in sales.


  1. Bring the imaginary to life

2d and 3d modelling is so sophisticated now that it’s not expensive to create visuals that immerse the viewer in a hypothetical reality.

It’s fantastic for selling ‘lifestyle products’ – like living in a property that hasn’t been built yet. Or presenting a new commercial development to potential investors. Anything where selling the product means engaging the viewer’s imagination.

  1. A boon to your budget

Animation is massively cost-effective against live action video. Even the most frugal budgets can deliver a simple but effective video. With a larger budget, you have more flexibility to create complex scenarios with the latest techniques. Either way, the right agency will tailor the creative to deliver the best possible results.

  1. Faithful to your brand

Animation lends you enormous control over the end result – much more so than traditional video. A great selling point for animation is that you can perfectly present your corporate colours, themes and values. Replicating these across a series of videos develops your brand consistency and identity, leaving your customer in no doubt about what you stand for.

Here at Speed we love creating everything from animated logos and motion graphics through to complex process animations and 2D and 3D designs. Find out how we can bring your brand to life – just give us a call on 01832 280032 or contact us.