B2B branding – Why Bother?


As a creative agency, we hear some fascinating things from clients, contacts and ‘industry experts’.

Most of them are measured, insightful and intelligent. But some… are just plain nonsense!

Take this one: “branding just isn’t as important for B2B as B2C”.  You might be surprised how often we’ve heard that – and it makes our toes curl.

Brand is important for any organisation that works with human beings.

Here are a few suggestions on why B2B branding is worth the bother:

1. Look around you

Some of today’s highest performing brands are those you know from a business perspective. In 2016’s top ten Best Global Brands, four are in the B2B sector.

Google ranked second with a brand value of $133m, Microsoft fourth with a value of $73m, IBM sixth at $53m and GE tenth, worth $43m.

Serious brands – serious budgets, which have to be justified to serious Boards.

2. The first ‘face’ people see

Your buyers will form an opinion of you long before they meet a member of your team. It’s so easy to find an organisation’s social, behavioural, and ethical impact online – and if the prospective client doesn’t like what they see, there’ll never be a meeting.

But if your website, social media, direct mail, printed collateral and advertising tells a consistent story about your business and its strengths, you’ll be way ahead of the game when you do finally meet your potential client.

b2b branding

3. There’s more to you than products

Think about the suppliers you’ve appointed, the contracts you’ve awarded and the people you like to work with. Did you choose them purely because their product was the best?

Yes, the product is important… but only up to a point. Trust, confidence and reliability are just as essential in sealing the deal. Established brands that are consistent in what they convey earn trust – and loyal customers.

4. Leapfrog the competition

In a situation where there’s little to differentiate your product or service from a rival’s, your brand really can make you stand out.

Decisions are often made on the intangible – have I heard of them before? Do their values resonate with ours? Do they have a similar personality to us? In a competitive environment, a strong brand can make all the difference.

5. The Xerox effect

Once known purely for photocopier equipment, today Xerox is a global corporation selling document solutions, technology products and many other business services.

In 2015, the company launched a new branding campaign to take brand perceptions even further.

Its tagline was “Work Can Work Better”, used in an integrated advertising campaign across TV, print and digital media, as well as an updated website.

The campaign positioned Xerox as pivotal to efficient business – and was hugely successful in taking it to a whole new level of sales.

xerox campaign

So B2B branding is certainly worth the bother. Whether your company’s big or small, complex or simple, there’s a brand story to tell.

We can help you create a clear and engaging story about your company, tailored to your budgets and aspirations.

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