The Rise of Technology in Education


EdTech or Education Technology is becoming one of the fastest growing tech sectors across the UK and is transforming the way students learn and absorb information.

The trend

According to Techcrunch, global investment in EdTech will reach $252 billion by 2020. Already schools in the UK are spending more than £900 million a year on education technology.

Companies such as Amazon are also sensing the potential of EdTech and recently launched Amazon Inspire, a free service for the search and sharing of digital educational resources that enable teachers to find new educational videos and lesson plans. The transformative effects of technology, mean learning can be tailored and personalised to suit individual students’ needs.

Websites such as The Big Jurassic Fish built by Speed Agency, reflect this shift to digital learning. The interactive website allows students to click on the Leedsichthys’ bones to learn more information about each component. The layout is dynamic and three dimensional, inspiring and supporting a classroom’s learning on the big fish and all things Jurassic in Peterborough.


Improvement of grades

Technology Education

4 out of 5 students agree that digital learning technology has created a positive impact on their grades. Rather than the teacher being the only source of help in the classroom, online resources and digital portals are replacing textbooks, allowing students to learn at their own pace. Flexible learning options are now available online and are great for continuous development.

Better communication

Technology has given individual teachers the power to create their own educational resources that can be used by others. Schools and universities can share advice on the best EdTech and how they should effectively implement this. Social media channels are also being used to improve communication, with teachers and lecturers to share ideas and resources, giving students better access to information.

Video is essential in the process of advancing education

The use of educational videos has increased and make lectures a more engaging and beneficial experience for students. They can be viewed on multiple devices and in multiple formats (before, during, and after class). 68% of teachers believe that video content helps stimulate discussions, while 66% believe it helps increase student motivation.

Why video helps

By opening classrooms to new ways of delivering content, this creates higher engagement levels. Here at Speed Agency, we offer a range of video services such as 2D and 3D animated videos, script writing in addition to video marketing.