3 ways videos can increase your conversions


Animated videos have shown explosive growth as marketers are finding more ways to reach a wider spectrum of audience and increase engagement levels with their brand.

Brands that are incorporating videos as part of their marketing strategy increase their revenue 49% faster in comparison to those who don’t. Videos are a great conversion tool and help audiences connect with a brand’s products and services through a powerful mix of images, voice and sounds. Here are 3 ways in which videos increase conversions.

Video Marketing

Increased sales

Videos are increasingly used in advertising campaigns and online video ads are one of the most effective medium. According to Marketing Land, 72% of ad agencies say that online video ads are as, if not more, effective than TV advertising. Videos can tell your brand story in a more emotional and visual way than just plain text. This translates to a higher audience engagement and response rate than other forms of media, as a result there is a 174% higher likelihood of product purchase among shoppers who view video according to Invodo. 40% of shoppers will even visit a store online or in-person after watching a video (Google).

The study below outlines how effective online video is compared to TV:

Video effectiveness chart


Increased brand engagement

Audiences are 10x more likely to engage with video content, they are visually appealing and are easily sharable in a click of a button- something which print publications can’t offer. Users can quickly absorb this information in a matter of seconds, giving your brand message an opportunity to sink in, reflecting how video content has clearly played a key part in changing consumer expectations. Rather than just watching a piece of content marketing, more people will be able to interact with it, engage viewers and they will share the video with others.

More web traffic and visibility

Already the majority of online traffic is video and this will account for 79% of all internet traffic in 2017. Video is an indication of quality content, and as part of a media mix on a website, helps send signals to search engines that your page contains rich media relevant to search requests.

Compared to plain text pages, search results containing video show a better click-through rate, almost 41% higher. However, don’t forget to optimise your title, keywords label and description.

Video is becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, businesses that fail to include this in their marketing strategies will do so at their peril. The most important thing to do is consider the audience you are trying to reach and ensure the content is relevant to them. If they do not see the benefit, then you are simply wasting time and resources.

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