Why Creative Brand Workshop Works?


Branding or rebranding your business can be an exciting, inspiring, and creative journey. The start of any branding activity usually begins with a creative workshop to bring together the visionaries of the company and what you want from the brand. Brand workshop exercises aim to uncover a deeper, emotionally driven reason for the existence of the business, crucial for the development of a strong brand. Here are why creative workshops work and why they are beneficial to any business entering a new phase of growth or looking to gear up to change.
Creative brand workshop

Collaboration and engagement

A creative brand workshop is part of your branding journey and brings together a group of people to collaborate on your brand. At times, business owners may find they have a rough idea of how they want their brand to look visually, but then struggle to articulate that and the values they want to communicate. A creative workshop delves into these issues and aims to get people engaged through brainstorming and less formal discussions.


At Speed, each workshop is bespoke to the client and can last anywhere between a few hours to a whole day. The ideas from each exercise are unique and take place in a collaborative environment that provokes thought and discussion. Following the first workshop, we start to shape and direct the ideas to start the evolution or creation of a brand that perfectly reflects your vision, values, personality and goals.

We cover each component and undertake initial research into your current brand, questions include:

  • Your existing brand values – who are you? What do you stand for?
  • What others are saying about you
  • What is currently working and not working
  • Current attitude of customers
  • The marketplace and competitive landscape
  • Brand awareness – how is this being measured

Defining your brand

Your brand must underpin everything from your values and identity right through to your customer’s touchpoints.

Danny Milligan, Managing Director at Park Air Systems who had a workshop with Speed Agency commented:


Our workshops are interactive, collaborative, and creative – they’re also lively, engaging and insightful. If you think your business would benefit from one of our brand workshops, then please contact us today.