Marketing Trends 2011


Headlines, not stories; songs, not albums

Today we only have time to read the headline, we only want to buy the song. We’re interested in what’s going on right now and then will move onto the next. Keep your messaging focused, clear and memorable. Make every bit bite sized.

Ignore fashion follow trends.

Fashion is about today; it comes it passes, trends take a look at the bigger picture. See the future and respond to it.

Consumers take the power back

Online information exchange and reviews outside of the brand space will increase as consumers become more comfortable with their power to get the true story on products from total strangers. Brands will need to drive positive feedback out in the virtual world like never before, necessitating a deep understand of their markets.

The year to fully embrace social media

Social Media is here to stay. Networks are created, news travels fast, and opinions are shared. Most businesses have recognised it but most are still doing it badly. Understand your audience and which social tools they use, create a strategy for it – what are your objectives? Finally make sure you have the resources to manage this effectively, else you may cause more harm than good as social media is a 2-way tool.

Integrate your on and offline strategies

Online customer searches influences their offline purchasing decisions, just as the instore experience influences purchasing online. So keep the message consistent on every channel.


Mind the gap

Brands are barely keeping up with consumer expectations now. Every day consumers adopt and devour the latest technologies and innovations, and hunger for more. Innovate your brand and products. It’s about incremental steps rather than the Eureka moment. Look for space and watch for opportunities to improve yourself.

Keep your friends close but your competition closer

There is more competition fighting for less business, so understand your top 5 competitors and how you can differentiate yourself against them. This will help you stay ahead of the game, and open up to a new niche.

Knowledge is power

Knowing that consumers do business differently now should reflect on your engagement strategy. If you use outdated methods and ignore trends you will suffer. Although change is difficult, gaining new knowledge is key to help measure, manage and market the brand in today’s world.

Beat “Me too” with “Meet you”

While true innovation does still exist, differentiation will increasingly come from what the brand offers emotionally to consumers allowing them to really feel they know and relate to your brand – especially as the ability of brands to mimic and get “me too” products to market quickens.


The beauty of the Mobile Device

The web experience has extended beyond the computer to mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberries. Understand your customers’ use of mobile search and apps to realise your marketing opportunities.

Compliment the FD

The financial purse strings are being pulled ever tighter. Finance and marketing teams have become much more in-tune of late, but marketers still need to fight hard for their budgets. Show the FD you have a real bottom line focus with benchmarks in place for each element of your marketing budget and tell him you like his new suit while you’re at it.

Shifting values turns spotlight on pretenders

Excessive spending, even on sale items, will continue to be replaced by a reason-to-buy at all. Only the consumer can tell you for sure. Brands with no authentic meaning will face trouble whether high or low-end.

David Dews

Written by David Dews

Creative Managing Director