We’re ready for launch!!!!!!!!!!!


Well we said we'd launch the site on Tuesday 1st and it’s been a push but we’ve JUST managed to get it done in time.

We hope you find the site fun, informative, interactive, innovative and useful.

If you think there’s something not right, amazing, horrible, beautiful or downright weird with the site or you simply want to talk about how we can do a similarly different site for you then we’d love to hear from you – just drop an email through the contact form or give us a call 01832 280 032.

If you’ve been through already you’ll have seen that case study write-ups are currently missing but these will be added very soon so keep coming back if you’re interested as new additions to the portfolio will be constantly added.  Our blog will be updated weekly, if not more, and we’ll discuss everything from marketing trends to fashion trends, from latest industry news to Sam’s latest one liners, from marketing events to speed team events – it’s all up for discussion and hopefully all of interest.

Catch you all soon

David x

David Dews

Written by David Dews

Creative Managing Director